Artist Portfolio: Dora Golfetto

The artist incorporates a variety of textures and media in her work. Her goal is to create a piece of art that draws and intrigues the viewer’s eye in different ways upon repeated viewings. She prefers for each individual to have his or her own interpretation, and search for their own meaning and message.

Dora G. Golfetto, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, moved to New York City in the 1970s, going on to study collage in the famous SoHo district of New York. She then moved closer to her roots, the Trenton area, in 1992 where she has participated in a number of art shows, while perfecting her technique. Dora has worked closely with various artists and has had the opportunity to study under the renowned painter/artist from Barcelona, Spain, Porta-Misse. She held her first major showing in 1997 at the famous Tres Puentas Gallery in Barcelona. She has also participated in several Trenton Artists Workshop Association (TAWA) exhibits and Ellarslie Opens at Ellarslie, The Trenton City Museum, and the Mercer College Gallery and is currently selling her collage plates at the Museum gift shop.

Dora Golfetto is a member of TAWA and currently resides in Trenton.

Artists Portfolio: Dora Golfetto