Fall 2009 Table of Contents

Poetry Yusef Komunyakaa
Toys In A Field
Somewhere Near Phu Bai

Nancy Scott
Herman Sharp (1899-1918)
The Apartment Inspection
Lake Carnegie, Late Afternoon

Joan Goldstein
Wild Dogs of Romania

Ellen Foos
Not The Soldier

Trenton High School Contest Winners

Myra Bellamy
See And Hear

Ben Davila
Puts Your Gunz Down

Keishia Edwards
A Painful Mourn

Adela C. Ramirez

Jarrett Richardson
Cry Gangsta Cry

Candace Stone
Non Violence

Donice Williams
Peace Day
Music Dean Ween
Introduction to City Gardens

Amy Yates Wuelfing
An Excerpt from No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes: How City Gardens Changed An Era
Graffiti Ricardo Barros
A Review of The Birth of Graffiti by Jon Naar

Ricardo Barros
Leon Rainbow and Graffiti Today

Leon Rainbow
An Interview by Richard Behrens and Karey Maurice

Dora Golfetto
An Artist's Portfolio

Karey Maurice
Help Wanted

Julian Kernes
Trenton Scratches
Peace Dove

Photography Marc Reed
Trenton After The Rain
Essays Ricardo Barros
On The Cover Photo

Jon Naar
How The Trenton Review Started

The Editors

Richard Behrens
The Passage Theater

Fiction Richard Behrens
The Shadow Head

Peggy Fitzgibbon, S.C.
Peace Is Possible