Trenton High School Poetry Contest

In October 2006, the YWCA of Trenton and the Trenton Meeting of Friends (Quakers). organized a poetry contest. The following students received awards:

Sample Poem

See and Hear
by Myra Bellamy

I see a boy running down the street
I see a car coming down the street
I see the driver firing a gun out the window
I see the boy falling to the ground
I see his mother running to see what happened
I hear her saying somebody call 9-1-1
I hear her saying Lord why can’t it be me
I hear her screaming out of pain
I hear the ambulance coming down the street
I hear somebody saying Miss calm down
I see them carrying the boy on a stretcher onto the ambulance
I see the ambulance rushing to the hospital
I see them trying to revive him
I see his mother crying her eyes out
I hear the ambulance arriving at the hospital
I hear them pronouncing the boy dead
I hear his mother dropping to the floor
I hear somebody say get this woman some water
I hear somebody say they’re just gonna keep killing each other
I see the people listening to a man preach

Myra Bellamy
Ben Davila
Keishia Edwards
Adela C. Ramirez
Jarret Richardson
Candace Stone
Donice Williams

These poems are available in the premiere Fall 2009 issue of Trenton Review.

The Trenton Review owes these students a debt of gratitude, because it was their poems which inspired us to launch this journal. These young people have opened their hearts and, with compelling directness and power, have shared their experiences growing up today in an urban environment. It is clear from their work that they have seen too much violence on the streets and in their homes, but the talent that shines through in their poetry makes us believe that they can and will shape their own futures and grow into successful adults.


Sometimes the story of our poets underlines the real triumph of their  poetry more than any other recognition.

One of our Trenton High School Poets, Jarrett Richardson is now going to Delaware State. He finished High School on Honor roll and wants to be a doctor.

The recognition of his poetry is a great encouragement to his effort.

Hal Fleming